About Us - Mindseed
Find out about us at our 47 pre-schools that hone the minds of many children & our aim of shifting education from old mass-produced to a more individualistic approach.
Mindseed, preschools in Mumbai
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About Us

Our Profile

Mindseed is a self-operated chain of pre-schools across Maharashtra. Founded in 2004 in Navi Mumbai, with a vision to change the world by unlocking each child’s learning potential, our scope has spread out extensively since then. Today we have 42 self-operating pre-schools impacting the minds of more than 10,000 children.

The team at Mindseed is shifting the axis of education from a prescribed, old mass-production model to a customized one. They intend to ensure lifelong success for each individual by increasing the pace of learning through a data driven and personalized mode of education.

By providing an environment that will enable children to learn faster and achieve mastery in various skill sets, Mindseed aims to grow to 200 pre-schools by 2020 and usher in a learning revolution.