Our Team - Mindseed
Our team is equipped with young innovators who share the one idea of an individually tailored education to bring out the genius in your child from an early age.
Mindseed team
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Our Team

Meet the people who are making it happen.


Amrut Dhumal

Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer

An educator to the core, what better role for Amrut than that of Chief Learning Officer? Amrut, with his MBA from Duke University has created a model for Learning 2.0, prevalent across all the Vishwajyot group of schools. His early experience in co-founding Vishwajyot High School, and subsequently raising funds for Skil Infrastructure (where he raised funds of $75 Mn, and led the Pipavav Port IPO) has also helped when it comes to developing scalable education models suited to the Indian eco-system.


Prasad Dhumal

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Prasad is an entrepreneur at heart and has early experience in setting up and running the 35-member team for Carrera Jeans, as well as a garment supply business for early stage European brands. He moved back into education with Vishwajyot, with the intention to identify bottlenecks to scale. His vision was strengthened during the time he spent at INSEAD, working on exactly the same problem. Prasad leads operations and scaling at Mindseed today, and dreams of impacting the lives of 1 Mn learners by 2020.


Anandraj Pawar

Director, Human

Anand Dada, as he’s affectionately called, runs the recruitment division of Wunderbar Kids. He envisions an organization that is ahead of the curve, and knows how to find the right people to get us there. His immense industry experience in recruitment has led to him setting up scalable pipelines for hiring, teacher training and much more. Passionate about the aims of Wunderbar Kids, he is developing a means to recruit the ‘right people’ – to scale!


Pradnyesh Sawant

Chief Technology Officer

Pradnyesh leads technology for Mindseed. A full stack engineer with 10 years of experience in companies like Yahoo and Samsung, his experience, including that with Machine Learning, will help convert our classrooms into deep pools of insight that are accessible to all stakeholders. He’s also an M.Tech from IIT Guwahati, and basically wants to change the way education is imparted today.


Rahul Raina

School Leader, Lonand

Rahul is the perfect leader for a school in a location like Lonand. He came to Mindseed with a background in Teach for India – where he worked for two years running a financial literacy course for 1500 students. The scale of his previous operations has fitted him for leadership in our fertile grounds of Lonand, and early childhood education fascinates him.


Adwait Deshpande

Assistant School Leader - Phaltan

Adwait completed his MA in Education from Azim Premji University, after his B.Tech from NIT Jalandhar. He also spent 5 years in R&D with Thinklabs, where he led a team of 6 to work with 200 schools on their product. Today, Adwaitworks in a completely hands-on role, transforming the lives of learners in Phaltan.


Manjari Sheel

Product Innovation

Manjari heads product innovation at Mindseed. With a Product Design degree from NIFT-Delhi, and a passion for early childhood education, Manjari combines the best of both worlds in her school. She has proved time and time again that design thinking is a fundamental practice to be followed when it comes to education.


Jayeeta Saha

School Leader, Phaltan

Jayeeta, or Joy, as she’s fondly known heads up the VIshwajyot International School at Phaltan. Her learning model will impact the lives of thousands of first-generation learners, and her capable administration is bringing to life our vision of a child-led school. With a background of 4 years with Teach for India, and the Indian School Leadership Institute, Joy is our backbone for the change we want to be.


Pranav Tandon

AVP - Operations and Strategy

Pranav originally interned with Mindseed in strategy in the Pune Region. He’s now moved on to take a leadership role heading operations and strategy with a special interest in Parent Partnership and Communication. Pranav is from V.J.T.I and Graduate School of Business, Cape Town ; and has worked with Nomura and Lehman Brothers.


Nilesh Todankar

Principal, Phaltan School

Kiran Suvarna

Divisional Manager, Rest of Maharashtra

Poonam Malik

Talent Acquisition, Mumbai

Bhavin Shah

Manager, Accounts

Aparna Chaudhary

Academic Head, Pune

Deepak Patankar

Principal, Mumbai

Shricant Singh Binny

Talent Acquisition, Pune

Rohini Sawant