Our Approach - Mindseed
Our approach is that every child is unique with different strengths and talents and therefore should be educated with a skill based curriculum for personalised learning.
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Our Approach

Our belief: Mindseed believes that every child is unique, each one having different strengths, talents and needs. So, making them learn the same courses in the same way doesn’t make any sense. Imagine feeding a fish, cat food…


At Mindseed, First, we must answer what is this right direction? What do we want our children to learn? What should be the purpose of learning? Is it for the child to just know exactly the names of the alphabets (A to Z) or to be able to actually read English? Is it to be able to count numbers from memory just as a rote exercise or actually be able to distinguish between large and small

quantities? Is it just to pass examinations or to develop the concentration and perseverance that she will require when she grows up and starts working?

Skill based curriculum:
The purpose of learning in the foundation years is to develop mastery in crucial skills such as reading, logic, concentration and perseverance that are essential for success


Keeping this in mind, at Mindseed, we focus on 4 skill areas that encompass all of a child’s development.

Personalizing learning for every child.

Reading_curricalam_694x406No two children are the same, no two brains are the same. Avi might be struggling to connect alphabets to their sounds while Sid would already be reading simple sentences. Then how does it make sense to force both of them to read the same book? At Mindseed we create personalized program for every kid, so that every child can learn on his pace, rather than the pace of class and can achieve mastery in each skill.

See how personalization has helped kids to attain mastery at early age. Links for all 3 stories.

Learning by doing, rather than listening:

Activity--pic_694x406Children learn best when they are practicing, exploring materials and absorbing the sensory information from the world around them, rather than just sitting and listening to a teacher. At Mindseed we have created more than 1000 activities to help kid engage and learn.

Developing skills by innovative class room design:


A Mindseed preschool is organized into different Mind Stations to provide an immersive learning environment to each child. Instead of dividing our classrooms according to grades, we have divided them according to each of our skill areas. Each Mind Station is designed as an immersive environment, where everything a child sees, hears or plays with is geared towards developing a particular set of skills.

Skill Area Mind Station
Physical Skill Play station
Cognitive Skill Idea Station
Linguistic Skills Language Station
Socio Emotional Skills Explore Station


Collaborating parents through Mindseed app:

app At Mindseed, we think of parents as collaborators and Partners in the development of their child. To bring this philosophy to life, we have created an app for our parents to participate in their child’s learning process.

  • App is beyond CCTV update. You can watch the big learning moments of your child on a smartphone. Imagine the exact moment when a child learns to grip a crayon for the first time.
  • App also recommends strategies and activities which you can do at home to further your child’s learning.