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We aim to be the top school in India, therefore we are expanding. Presently, we have 3 high schools in India, located in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Plaltan and Lonand, Satara.
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High Schools

We have 3 High Schools at present, located at Khargar – Navi Mumbai, Phaltan – Satara and Lonand – Satara.

Vishwajyot High School in Kharghar is our founding school and has a rich legacy of thirteen years of unparalleled quality education. We have produced a series of Toppers in the last few years – and our children aren’t just academically bright, but also well-rounded personalities with diverse interests and skill sets. 

Email – info@vishwajyot.com

Call – 022 6451 2290

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Vishwajyot International in Phaltan (and now expanding to Lonand) is our dream school. It embodies the spirit of our company and proves that quality education can be extended to any region, in any part of the country. We’ve grown from a set of 20 learners to a 2 acre campus with over 300 students in the last year and half. Our true inspiration in this school comes from being the providers of education to many first generation learners, secure in the knowledge that we have started the education movement in the district and set an entire generation on the path to enlightenment.