Mindseed recognizes the fact that every child is a genius and we should celebrate for who they are rather them pushing for what we want them to become. That's why at Mindseed we customize learning for each and every child based on their strengths, needs and skill level to keep them engaged and happy.

Started in 2004, with a vision to change the world by unlocking each person's learning potential, today the brand has 42 pre-school across Mumbai and Pune and has impacted more than 10,000 kids. Mindseed has been awarded the best preschool in India for 3 consecutive years by India Education Awards, Bangalore.

Our Approach

At Mindseed, we help kids to remain engage at all times through activities that are personalized for their level, thus creating Love for learning.

Skill Based Curriculum
The purpose of learning in the foundation years is to develop mastery in crucial skills such as reading, logic, concentration and perseverance. We focus on 4 skill areas that encompass all of a child’s development.
Immersive Classroom
Our classrooms are structured according to 4 fundamental skills, not as per grades. Every skill-based classroom is designed as an immersive environment, where everything a child sees, hears or plays with, is geared towards developing the skill.
Mindseed App
Teachers observe and talk about every child's activities to create a personalized learning program. Mindseed app also lets you (parents) watch the preschool learning moments of your child and recommends strategies and activities to further your child’s learning at home.
Our Programs
At Mindseed, all that we do is geared toward creating lifelong learners who are prepared for the future.
Start Early
Help prepare kids to use the remaining year to prepare for next year.
We focus on building crucial skills such as self expression and self coincidence.
Focus is on building critical pre-math & cognitive skills such as identifying patterns and quality.
Junior KG
Language skills become very critical & we use phonics & storytelling to help kids learn effectively.
Senior KG
Primary focus is on developing writing skills through emergent literacy.
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